Friday, March 4, 2011

Emotions in Earth

This is a yearlong project at Beads of Clay for the exploration of the expression of emotion through earth clay components of a line of jewelry – wearable or not – that expresses the emotion most prominent in your life this year.
Since I am new to jewelry making and struggling to find my style, this seems right up my alley. So first, a quick examination of my life.
Right now, in my life, I have everything I’ve always wanted. Loving husband, wonderful child, a secure day job, and some small success as an artist. Sure, there are things left undone and things that I would do differently given a chance, but overall, I have a good life.  Not much emotion to work with, but staring out the window at the mountains, I feel peace wash over me. I have always felt at home in mountains, but in these mountains, I feel at Home.
From my house on Sedillo Hill, I can see the most of the mountains of the Turquoise Trail. The Sandias, the San Pedros, Sange del Christos, and on a clear day, the Jemiz and more. Layer upon layer of mountains. Juniper green fading to gray in the morning light. Lit with golds and coppers in the sunset. Purple mountain majesty in the evening. Over the top, every color blue imaginable and clouds so perfect they look like they are painted on velvet.
Ok, I see where I am going with this. Check in over the next year and see if I get there!

Layered Heart



  1. I have to say that you have taken me for a moment over that beautiful view from your hill house. You have it there plenty to be inspired by and I am truly looking forward to see the road you're taking! Wish you the most enjoyable clay ride! :)
    PS. Love the swirls on the "Layered Heart".

  2. You are truly surrounded by beauty, so inspiring! Can't wait to see some of the beads you will be making... my addiction ;)