Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blog Hop - Thinking of Spring!

Springtime in New Mexico is a wondrous time. Wildflowers everywhere! The birds that have flown south pass this way going back north. Up a little higher in the mountains, deer and bears are a regular site. I grew up as a city girl with occasional outings to the country and jumped at the chance to relocate to New Mexico when Glenn and I got married. His family has been living in this area since the 1840's and those kind of roots are getting rarer to find.  Words just do not do justice to the Beauty of Spring.

And the winner of the Hummingbird is..#4 Lorelei me at

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  1. Those flowers are just stunning against that backdrop of that bright blue sky~ Thanks for sharing that. I needed a jolt of color today! Enjoy the day!