Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bead Racks...

A-frame rack
The hardest part of getting started with making Raku beads and pendants was finding a way to efficiently fire them. Inspired by the rack in
Mary Harding's You Tube video, Glenn came up with several designs that work for us. The A-frame rack is extremely stable but takes up a lot of kiln space. The rectangular racks take up much less room, but are not quite as stable. All
Rectangular rack
of the racks can be strung on both sides, so you can get a good number of  beads or pendants on any of them. 
The most important consideration 
in a bead rack is how well you can 
grip the rack with the tongs to move 
the rack from the kiln to the reduction
bin (aka trash can).

Gripping the rack with tongs.

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