Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring finally makes it to the Hill!

Spring has finally made an appearance to our part of the world. We've made it a week without snow. Wildflowers are appearing and our resident Red Tailed Hawks are on the hunt.

Raku Bronze Rabbit


  1. I LOVE the rabbit!! How large is it? It's a bronze metallic raku sort of firing?

    Welcome to spring on the desert plateau out there. We on the west coast of FL are probably experiencing that Last Good Day of our spring: temps in the mid-70's; low humidity and breezy. Garden is going great, but some things, like tomatoes, are now pretty much done.

  2. The rabbit is about 6 inches tall (chocolate Easter bunny size). Its a bronze Raku glaze.

    I've still have almost a month before I can plant safely. We planted too early last year and lost everything to a freak hail storm.